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What's up this week ?


Tue 25.10.2016, 16:00 -   Physics high rise, HS II

Dr. Elvar Jonsson
Aalto University, Finland

Tue 25.10.2016, 17:15 -   HS Geo, Albertstrasse 23b
Kristallographisches Kolloquium: Ferroelectric perovskites: macroscopic, mesoscopic and atomic origins of physical properties (more...)
Semen Gorfman
Kristallographisches Institut, Uni Freiburg

Tue 25.10.2016, 19:00 -   Room 023, University Computing Center
A self-trapping transition for Peierls bipolarons
John Sous
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Fri 28.10.2016, 10:00 -   Raum 915, Physik-Hochhaus
Masterkolloquium: Measuring correlations of cold atom systems using multiple quantum probes
Michael Streif
Physikalisches Institut

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